JMAZ Firestorm F3 Black 500W Cold Spark Machines

JMAZ Firestorm F3 by JMAZ Lighting is a portable and versatile cold spark machine that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

JMAZ Lighting Pixl Tron 740Z

LD: Edgar Gonzalez "Step into the future and elevate your stage or venue with our favorite trio of lighting: Pixl Tron 740Z

JMAZ Lighting Attco Beam 230

The JMAZ ATTCO Beam 230 - With its powerful 231W Osram Platinum lamp, 24-facet prism, wireless DMX, and RF remote control, this versatile light is perfect for small and large stage productions.

JMAZ Lighting Attco Spot 100

Make the best impression at any event short or long distance, small or large coverage area.

JMAZ Lighting Attco Beam 100

The ATTCO BEAM 100 from JMAZ lighting is your best choice! Compact, lightweight and low power consumption will allow you to put on a great performance.

JMAZ Lighting PIXL FX Bar 5050

The JMAZ FX BAR 5050 is the next generation of light bar.

JMAZ Lighting Galaxy Tube

GalaxyTube is a color changing LED effect that can be mounted vertically, horizontally or free standing with the included easy fit feet.

JMAZ Radiant Hybrid CLX

Powered by a 160W White LED, The Radiant Hybrid CLX is a true Beam/Spot/Wash 3-in-1 hybrid fixture.